Quiz registration is open 24/7. Visit cyberaces.org to register an account.

If you participated in Cyber Aces Online in 2013 you will have to create a new quiz account as your old account has been deactivated.

Quiz format:

  1. With Quizzes: Participants who choose this option will complete on-line, multiple-choice quiz to test their knowledge and mastery of the module's content. Add: The quizzes are offered 24/7.
  2. Without Quizzes: Participants who choose this option review the tutorials to build knowledge and skills, but do not participate in the quizzes. There is no schedule for this option. The course content is open and always available to participants.

How do the quizzes work?

The quizzes are available online 24/7. Participants can take the quizzes in any order they like but it is recommended that each participant begin with tutorial one, operating systems, and the quiz connected to it to fully benefit from SANS Cyber Aces Online.

Once you start a quiz you have five hours to complete it. The average quiz completion time in 2014 was two and a half hours.

Should you want to retake a quiz, you will have to wait five hours for the system to reset before your next attempt. Your first and best score will be recorded for your continuous improvement. Just access your account to view your results.

Each online quiz consists of 25-30 multiple choice questions and each question is worth a specific number of points depending on the level of difficulty. Points range from 1-5.

Important information for state championship competitors in Rhode Island and Delaware:

SANS Cyber Aces Online will use your first score in a quiz to determine a potential invitation to the online championship. Your first score refers to the first time you take a quiz. Your cumulative score, based on your first score in each quiz, will be used to determine a potential invitation to the championship. In case of a tie, the time it took participants to complete a quiz will determine the ranks.

Should you decide to retake any of the quizzes, we will record your best score for your continuous improvement only. Your best score will not be considered for an invitation to the potential online championship, only your first score in each quiz.